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Welcome to my web site!


As an above-the-knee amputee I know what it has been like to walk this path of discovery not knowing what was going to happen next or what the future might hold. My intention in this website is to share my experiences so that others might find the pathway an easier route and try to overcome some of the concerns that arise in your heart and mind.
My name is Caroline, I live in the UK. In 2006 at the age of 55 after a prolonged chronic illness I had my left leg amputated above the knee. I now have a nice artificial leg and my life has started once more.

This website is not meant to be too technical, but rather a way of sharing experiences that may help you, as you contemplate or experience this life changing event. I will try to use ordinary English and illustrate the site where ever possible to make it more enjoyable.

It is important to understand that I can only share how things happened for me in Derbyshire. The hospitals in each county have their own way of working. The important thing is to be able to go into the process informed so that you can encourage the direction that you want to take.

One thing I know is that you can see the amputation in one of two ways. As the end of your life or a start to a new life. Keep a smile on your face, hope in your heart, determination to succeed and let the people at the clinic help you to rebuild your life. 

For me life has started again.

I believed in God, myself, my husband, my family and friends. With their support I knew I would get through this and  together we would face a brighter future. 



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